About us

«Wind&Heat Technologies», LLC is developing the TeRUS Wind &Heat Power Complex project since 2018:

  • Running scientific and applied research in thermo physics and aerodynamics;
  • Designing generators, heat-exchange equipment, heat storages, control units and systems;
  • Testing laboratory and prototype models;
  • Seeking for partnership and customers for a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation;
  • Raising capital;
  • Entering supply contracts;
  • Tuning production processes;
  • Expanding cooperation;
  • Launching construction and maintenance services.

We went to the idea of TeRUS Complex for over 20 years monitoring wind energy evolution, scrutinizing related physics and best international practices.

Now we are full of resources necessary to produce TeRUS complexes: mature experts, ambitious youth, powerful production facilities and expertise of Experimental Design Bureau «Mikron».

Our ambition is to create a sustainable solution that will serve the community. We choose best practices and components for our developments. Russian manufacturers cover over 95% of our demands. TeRUS invests into Russian economy.

Company details
Tislenko Ivan Ivanovich
Tislenko Ivan Ivanovich

+7 (391) 214 22 05

660118, Russia, Krasnoyarsk, Eniseyskiy trakt str., 5, office 1-11
Postal address
660118, Russia, Krasnoyarsk, Eniseyskiy trakt str., 5, office 1-11
+7 (391) 214 22 05