The project of «OKB MICRON», «Terus», was frozen" for some time due to the external political and economic situation in the country. In 2022, the relationship with foreign partners with whom we worked and designed the wind turbine together ceased. The company adjusted to the economic realities. Against this background, the Government of the Russian Federation, within the framework of supporting the domestic industry, opened the program «Development of Industry and increasing its competitiveness», in which the company had the opportunity to participate.

Since the project is being implemented in the industry corresponding to this program (power engineering), OKB MICRON has been included in the list of candidates for financial assistance in conducting research and development work on modern technologies. The subsidy, part of which will be received during the implementation of the work stages, will compensate for 70% of the costs of obtaining a new technology for the production of wind turbines.

Among the conditions of the program, designed for two years, during which it is necessary to produce a working prototype of a windmill, is the subsequent production and sale of finished products over the next three years. All preparatory work is planned to be completed by the end of 2023. 
The design and technology departments of Terus LLC and OKB MICRON LLC have begun work on the first stage: it is necessary to create design documentation for the development of blades, to work out the possibility of mobility of the entire structure. Next — hard work on the manufacture of the first windmill with a capacity of 65 kW. The height of the proposed structure is 35 meters. With successful implementation, on the basis of this prototype, it is planned to obtain a technology for creating wind turbines of various capacities.