We are forum participants on the future of the wind industry

On December 1-2, the annual forum of the Russian Association of Wind Industry RAWI FORUM was held in Moscow.

The forum was attended by Ivan Tislenko, General Director of Teplovetrovye Tekhnologii LLC, Andrey Miroshnikov, Chief Engineer of our TeRUS project, and about 250 participants from more than 10 countries and 15 Russian regions. The Wind Energy Forum has traditionally become a platform for meeting like-minded people. The analysis of the composition of this year's forum participants pleasantly surprised the organizers - in spite of the pandemic, not only a wide geography, but many new names and companies, which indicates an increase in interest in the topic of renewable energy among representatives of various business areas. Two days at the event included a program of incredible volume and variety. Representatives of the TheRUS project discussed with other participants pressing issues and problems in the energy sector. An important topic was the development of the segment of renewable energy sources in the energy balance of the Russian Federation, problems, global trends, expansion of equipment localization, as well as exchange of experience of leading companies. A separate day was devoted to the current topic of green hydrogen - production, transportation, storage, application.

Currently, large companies have a tendency towards "greening" - that is, to use clean energy in their activities. This provides an additional driver for the development of renewable energy sources. Our project "TheRUS" in all its characteristics clearly fits into the young emerging scheme of the "Green Energy" market. Therefore, we can safely say that we with our TVG-complex project were at the right time in the right place.